Easy Fritos Bean Dip Appetizer for all occasions

I love this Easy Fritos Bean Dip recipe, because it always goes. It works great when you need a quick and easy recipe for a party appetizer. People love it and are always asking me for the recipe. It can take on any shape and can be decorated for different for any holiday and all occasions.

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Easy Fritos Bean Dip Video

Bean Dip Recipe


1 8-ounce package of cream cheese, softened

1 9 ounce can Fritos Bean Dip

4 ounces of shredded cheddar cheese

3-4 green onions, sliced

1-2 Roma tomatoes, diced

10-12 black olives, sliced


Blend the Fritos bean dip and softened cream cheese until smooth and uniform. Hint: If you can’t find Fritos Bean dip, try this Copycat Recipe.

Spread the mixture in a dish or on a plate. This is where you can get creative with the dip. Because the dip can take on any shape, you can put it in a football shaped serving dish for a Super Bowl game day party, a Christmas tree shaped serving dish for a Christmas party, a heart shaped dish for Valentine’s Day or a Bridal shower. Get creative!

Top with the shredded cheese.

Layer with tomatoes, onions and olives.

Easy Bean Dip
Easy Bean Dip

This is another opportunity to get creative. For example, you could arrange the toppings like Christmas ornaments on a tree shaped platter. You can also pipe on sour cream using a frosting bag to create some fun designs. See my Easy Bean Dip Recipe seasonal designs below.

Football Party Themed Appetizer

For this football party themed bean dip I used this football shaped bowl for both the dip and the chips.

Christmas Themed Appetizer

For this Christmas Themed version of my bean dip I used a Pyrex Easy Grab Pie Dish. I covered the bean dip with Monterrey Jack cheese (white cheddar would work too). For the wreath I used shredded lettuce, cilantro, green onions and green olives. Then decorated the wreath with sliced cherry and grape tomatoes. These ingredients would also look great in a Christmas tree shaped serving dish.

Halloween Themed Appetizer

Spider Web Halloween themed Bean Dip Appetizer.

To make your Easy Bean Dip more festive for a Halloween party you could decorate it like a spider web. For the spider web I used a piping bag with a #4 tip to pipe on full fat sour cream. I topped with a couple of spider rings which I removed before serving. I still wanted the other toppings so I added them to the edge of the design. If you are really crafty you could make spiders out of olives.

Grave Yard Halloween Themed Bean Dip Appetizer

For more Halloween appetizer fun you could also make your Easy Bean dip into a grave yard. For the grave yard, I piped full fat sour cream on Wheat thins using a piping bag and a # 2 tip . Then I arranged the crackers like grave stones. I added a bat ring and a couple of skull rings too, but I removed them before serving.

Race Track Themed Appetizer

I made this appetizer for a post season Cross County Party, but you could use it for any race themed party. Just fold a label over 2 toothpicks for the finish line. Secure the toothpicks with 2 whole olives and press it down into the dip.

Is Bean Dip Gluten Free?

Yes all of the ingredients, including Fritos Original Bean Dip, are gluten free. You should however, shred your own cheese, because pre-shredded cheese could contain gluten. Also, make sure the chips you serve with it are gluten free.

Is Bean Dip Keto Friendly?

No, the Fritos Bean Dip has too many carbs. It is not keto friendly.

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