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What do you need to make your dorm your home?

When you are leaving your home to make a new home in a dorm room, there are a few things you will need. What do you really need to make your dorm your new home? This post contains useful dorm items. A few items are not absolute needs, but would be very handy. This list does not contain any items that would be desirable, but not are not useful like decor.

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You need bedding – sleep is important

Most dorm rooms will supply you with an extra long twin bed. If you already have this type of bed at home, then you can just use you current bedding. The only problem with that idea is that you will not have any bedding when you return home for breaks. Therefore, it is best to pick up a new set of bedding for your dorm room. Here is a list of bedding essentials:

Dorm Bathroom Essentials

Hygiene is very important. The type of bathroom you have will determine what you need. If you have a traditional bathroom, a shared community bathroom down the hall, then this is the list of essentials:

If your dorm room is suite style, meaning you share a bathroom with a roommate or suite mate you will need the following items:

Find this college dorm medication list here.

Space Saving and Storage Essentials

What could be more useful in a small dorm space than space saving storage items? Here are some suggestions.

Dorm mini fridge microwave shelf

Dorm room technology needs

I’m sure you have selected a laptop and maybe even a tablet to take with you. Here are some other tech items you may have forgotten. We forgot the cordless mouse batteries.

Dorm laundry essentials

College dorm school supplies

In elementary school and often in high school, teachers will supply students with a list of school supplies they will need for the upcoming year. Once you reach college, you are on your own. Since you are leaving home it does help to have a list of the most common school supply items you will need in college. Keep in mind, you may have last minute schedule changes.

We ended up forgetting more things in this category than any other category. The lab coat was not packed, but needed due to a last minute schedule change. It’s much cheaper to pack one, just incase. We also forgot the graphing calculator and extra batteries for it. The most ridiculous thing we forgot was #2 pencils. I mistakenly assumed they were old school, and no longer needed for testing. I was wrong.

Assuming you already have a laptop, this is a comprehensive list of the other school supplies most college students will require.

college school supply list

Dorm room food prep basics

Even if you have a full meal plan there may be times that you will need to prepare small meals in your room. You may have to leave for a break before the dining hall opens, or maybe return from a sporting event after the dining hall closes. Be prepared!

Other useful dorm room items

Medications and first aid items for dorm rooms

Be sure to check out Pharmacist recommended College dorm medications for a list of medications and first aid items you should pack for your dorm. Be prepared!

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