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How to Help a Friend in Quarantine

We are all getting tired of quarantine! Some are even calling it quarantine fatigue. This weekend I worked with a couple of moms who had just finished their quarantine. They discussed how awful it was to homeschool their kids and deal with not being able to leave the house. Both of these women are health care professionals and know how important it is to stop the spread. As healthcare professionals we know that we are the ones who will pay the price if this virus gets out of control. Still, the temptation to run out for a couple of groceries or something to entertain the kids is real! Especially when you have no symptoms. This is where friends can help. How can you help a friend in quarantine?

What can you do for a friend in Quarantine?

I am really want you to consider giving of your time, because isolation is really bad for mental health. This suggestion is not just for adults. Kids can help their friends the most this way. Please encourage your kids to reach out to their quarantined friends. Isolation is terrible for kids.

  1. Offer to pick up a few groceries. Open your refrigerator. Do you have enough milk to last 14 days? Grocery stores are asking people in my hometown to limit their shopping to only what they need for one week. Of course they are trying to limit hoarding so they can keep things in stock, but what if you can’t leave your home for 14 days? I’m not suggesting you start hoarding, but I am suggesting that you reach out to friends in quarantine. Some people don’t want to ask for help. A simple phone call or even a text to a friend in quarantine could really help stop them from leaving to pick up a few items. Ask your friend if you could pick up a few items.
  2. Give your friend a call. Reaching out to a friend in quarantine can really help. Remember your friend is probably bored. Maybe you could play a virtual game with your friend. Check out my post on social distancing games for a few games that can be played virtually.
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What could you drop off for a friend in quarantine?

Once again this is not just for adults. Ask your kids what their friends would like to have.

  1. Food – If I were stuck home for more than a week, the one thing I would appreciate most would be fresh produce. Think about something that would brighten your day to find on your porch. That would be a good thing to drop off for a friend.
  2. Entertainment – You don’t have to break the bank to help entertain a quarantined friend. You don’t have to go out and buy something. You could give a friend a book you read recently. Then set up a time to call and discuss it with them. Maybe you know a mom with kids younger than your own. Have your kids find a game or some books they have outgrown. Deliver it to the younger quarantined family. Maybe you have a puzzle you already completed, check the piece count and give it to a quarantined family.
  3. Care Packages – There are plenty of ideas online for quarantine care packages. Please try to support local first.

Homemade quarantine care package ideas

If your friend is quarantined without symptoms they will be wanting something to keep them busy. If they are actually sick it would probably be best to bring the healthy family members a prepared meal or take out. These ideas are for healthy people quarantined due to exposure.

  1. A fun dinner package. An example of a fun meal package would be make your own pizza. You could include store bought mini crusts and all of the standard pizza toppings. Include sauce, shredded cheese, pepperoni, onion, a bell pepper and any of your friends favorites. You could also add some bread sticks, soda for the kids and maybe a bottle of wine for mom and dad. If you really want to make it fun add a dinner game.
  2. A fun treat. Pick up some ice cream and all of the fixings. Fill a basket with chocolate syrup, nuts, fresh strawberries, sprinkles, whipped cream and more. Your quarantined friend’s family will have a blast making sundaes!
  3. An activity box. Fill a box or basket with family games, puzzles and craft supplies. You could even include a cookie decorating pack. Just bake some cookies (or buy them undecorated from a local bakery) and include some frosting, sprinkles and decorations.
  4. Movie night box. Fill a box with popcorn, movie theater candy, chips and pop. Include a DVD or a virtual movie gift card such as Amazon movie gift card.
  5. Happy hour package. Fill a box with some local beer, wine and or spirits. Include a card inviting your friend to join you for a happy hour zoom meeting.
  6. Breakfast fun package. Pick up some fresh donuts! Fill a basket with some locally made coffee, fresh squeezed OJ, jam, and farm fresh eggs. Kids would love a cereal variety pack, and anyone would enjoy some of my immune boosting granola.
  7. Health and wellness package. Include some protein bars, vitamins and supplements, a resistance band, a bottle of water, and a jump rope.
  8. Relaxation package. This package could include bubble bath, aromatherapy candles, a good book, slippers, herbal tea and a bottle of wine.

Be creative, reach out and pay it forward. Remember the more people you help, the more help you could receive. We are all in this together.

Please share your ideas in the comments.

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